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As a Northville Moose Rider, we have loyalty to our Lodge, our rider group and Mooseheart. The patch on our back pledges this loyalty. The function of the riders is to raise money for Mooseheart and other charities, and of course ride. Unlike some clubs that are purely social, this group actually rides. We usually do 2 to 3 big trips each year (4–7 days duration). We will have some weekend getaways and most likely 2 dinner runs per month. We look for ways to help our community. We are always looking for a reason to get out and ride.

If you are passionate about riding motorcycles and having fun with likeminded folks, this could be the group for you. You are welcome to come in and check us out.  Like most private clubs, you are considered a guest for 3 events.  And then if you feel the group is a good fit for you, join up and take advantage of the benefits of being a Moose Rider. 


The "Moose Rider" group's origins and first use of the name goes back to the Lafferty, OH Lodge 1462 between 1994 and 1996, when several Lodge motorcycle enthusiasts became known as “the Moose riders”. The first official Moose Rider group meeting was held on April 1st of 1996. The Ohio Moose Association Moose Riders held their first “Bike-A-Rama” on August 24, 1996.

Our Northville Riders was originally founded by Bob Bako and was formed in Garden City Michigan in 2007. Bob passed away in 2013, but the Moose Riders of Garden City Lodge #538 continued. The Northville Moose Riders at Lodge #1190 was formed in 2019 by some of same founding members of the original group from Lodge #538. We are grateful to the members and board of the Northville Moose for the opportunity to rebuild a great riding group again.

Bob Bako

More miles

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Meet the Board of Officers

Brian Gulliver


My love for motorcycles started on the back of my dad's 1968 Royal Infield. It looked like Fonzie's bike from Happy Days. All the kids in the neighborhood would line up as  dad took us for rides around the block.

I bought my first bike when I was 18 - a 1984 Honda CB 700SC Red & Black. It didn't take long to realize that a shaft drive motorcycle wasn't meant for wheelies, I have owned several bikes since then and I currently ride a 2014 CVO Ultra Limited.

I have taken MSF basic and advanced riding courses and am currently training and riding with Motown Harley road-captains leading packs on group rides safely.

Kim Sarasin

Vice President

I purchased my first motorcycle and joined my first HOG (Harley Owners Group) chapter in 2004. Since that time, I have owned five different Harley’s and have taken the Advanced Rider Class. I currently participate in three different rider groups. My greatest riding feat was riding from the Detroit area to Tucson, AZ. 

Michael Henson

Senior Road Captain

I've been riding for almost 60 years, so my age is no secret. Started out on on Hondas as many of us did, and worked my way up both physically and financially to Harleys. Up until this year, I also played adult hockey. Again, something I've done for decades.

I got recruited for the Moose Riders by our old friend Jimmy Nadeau. We'd known each other for quite awhile, and had logged thousands of miles together. I remember him saying, "I think you'll like this group, Mike. They like to ride." The Moose Riders, being a charitable entity, was just the icing on the cake. My wife and I have been truly blessed, and we try to give back when we can.

With Jimmy's passing, I was asked to assume his role as Senior Road Captain. I am both humbled and overwhelmed at the same time. Jimmy was such a unique person and ride leader. I know my skills are not on the same level as his. All I can do is my best. My goal is to try and make our rides both enjoyable and safe for all of us - without encountering too many gravel roads!

Makayla Cabe


Scott Jakl

Sergeant at Arms

I've been riding  motorcycles for over 50 years, and it's still as exciting for me today as it was when I bought my first bike in Jersey.

I've owned Hondas, Yamahas, and I presently ride a 2011 Harley Road King Classic.

Over the years, I've ridden in most states - including Alaska and Hawaii.

Work eventually landed me in Michigan where I had the privilege of becoming part of the Moose Riders group.

The support we are able to give the children of mooseheart is as fulfilling to me as the riding.

Kim Bishop


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